Thursday, February 4, 2010

gPad challenge Apple iPad Google faces an uncertain future Tablet PC

More recently, Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the headquarters staff at the ferociously inside that Google so-called "do not be evil" principle, which is nonsense. Google Zeyi given a lesson of Action - According to foreign media reports, Google Chrome browser, and Chrome OS operating system behind the Chromium open source project demonstrated the use of Chrome official website of the Tablet PC operating system gPad picture.

According to the display of images provided Chromium, Google Chrome OS Tablet PC will also work with Apple iPad, like, using the virtual keyboard and touch screen technology, and the body weight is also very light, and also supports Internet access, send and receive e-mail, on-line editing the document and other functions.

This indicates that the official release of Apple iPad everything handed to them when the media exposure infinite, Google is also preparing to enter the flat-panel Chrome OS computing, and Apple in this area emerge as a contender.

In fact, Google and Apple in various fields have been engaged in a fierce competition, including browsers, operating systems, smart cell phones, and now the two sides turn flat computing competition. The leading U.S. IT magazine "eWeek" online edition Wednesday, said the author, Google Chrome OS operating system, after the release of this year will undoubtedly be a serious threat to iPad's market position. In this way, the agitated Jobs it is not hard to understand.

"EWeek" that, compared with the Apple iPad, Google Chrome OS Tablet PC market with at least two advantages: First, Google will work with industry-leading partners to launch the different models of Chrome OS Tablet PC, rather than just from Apple iPad ; Second, Google Chrome OS for the first true sense of the network operating system, meaning much greater than its market innovative iPad.

Apple iPad after the release, Google saw more hope.

January 27th, Apple formally announced the promotion of the Tablet PC has been a long time, but the industry found that, iPad has not released anything very revolutionary features, the operating system are the iPhone OS, which so many "fruit powder" greatly disappointed, "I feel Apple iPad is a larger version of the iPodtouch". Media have said, iPad "very much like an oversized iPhone", Meizu from known as "tuba of the MP4". Acer, Lenovo and other PC giants have expressed no intention of trying to tablet PCs.

This is Google, is good news. However, there are still firm "fruit powder," said, "the future will get better." It is reported that Apple's next-generation Tablet PCs were under development.