Monday, February 8, 2010

Each release is a revolution

Some scholars have said, listing the Apple company's development, each new version Apple has changed people's e-spending habits, build a new industrial chain. Although the market is flooded with various brands of MP3 players and smart phones, but the iPod, iPhone could become the industry's introduction of an overall wonderful work to form a world-class craze. In addition to always attract a large number of consumers of unique design, attractive appearance, is more important is Apple's right to re-build the industrial chain. Concomitant with the iPod launched the iTunes Music Store, digital content for sale to iPhone as a platform designed for a number of intelligent software and full-screen touch used.

iPod in 10 years, sales of 128,000 from 2000 to 2009 the total sales volume has reached 250 million, while the number of U.S. households have television sets from two million units in 1949 to 42 million units in 1959. By 2003, when iTunes has evolved into a music mall, two years later, it began selling video content. By 2008, Apple beyond Wal-Mart, the world's largest music retailer. Consumers around the world from the iTunes purchase of 80 million songs.

iPod changed the music industry, iPhone launch, but also affected the telecommunications industry. Although initially only to be able to play downloaded from the iTunes music and video phones, but now with iPhone platform has a number of applications to 14 million, has become the iPhone's biggest selling point, also become a pilot smart phones. At present, iPhone and iPod Touch users to download applications, the total had reached 2.5 million passengers.

iPad conference, Jobs announced the latest data, "a few weeks ago we sold 2.5 million the first iPod, Apple's network of outlets there are 50 million visitors last quarter. Apple's software store, we have 140 thousand kinds of software . " His pursuit of perfection and even harsh words reprove the Internet to this, saying slowly, and showed poor results, but also difficult to use PC-based software.

Cloud involute, iPad, such as the emergence of whether the iPod and iPhone, become swept the global electronics market, beach-goers to read, has become the industry focus of attention.