Sunday, February 7, 2010

Apple's former executives: iPad is not a Tablet PC

A decade ago, witnessed the development of Apple's Newton defeat in the process of tablet PCs that Apple's former executives, iPad too bulky, lack of communication and therefore not be regarded as a true tablet PC.

Venture Enterprises Axiotron's CEO Andreas Haas, said: "iPad is not a tablet PC, it's just an extension of iPhone and iPod Touch is a reproduction of Newton."

Haas departure from Apple in 2001, he was well aware of tablet PCs. Axiotron company to sell the conversion kit can touch MacBook into a pen-based tablet PCs. Converted product, called Modbook, if the user provide their own Macbook, priced at 700 U.S. dollars, if not available, priced at 1650 U.S. dollars.

Not only that, Haas Apple Newton that year projects very well. He has served as head of Apple's Newton Systems Group and is responsible for sales operations in Europe, Newton. But he was not optimistic after Newton, but that Mac-based tablet PCs have some room for development.

This is exactly the reason for Haas developed Modbook, but because the market less space, so the plans are often suffered shareholders questioned. Shareholders are worried that Apple's development of tablet PCs, Haas would bankrupt the company. Today, Apple introduced the iPad, but Haas that his company is not threatened. He said: "It's more like a smart phone rather than personal computers."

He also said: "I once imagined over the past five years, Apple Tablet PC looks like, iPad fully in line with my vision. This is a media consumption device, rather than the Tablet PC, nor is it media creation device. Its size is a bit too big. "

Haas would like to see a smaller Apple Tablet PC, the size of Newton with the last generation of products similar to the MessagePad 2100. He said: "I hope iPad size of 7 inches." Mainly because the 10-inch LCD screen, power consumption is too large and can not put clothes pocket.

However, Haas also believes that the current iPad is the first generation of Apple products, Apple is also expected to introduce more products in the future. However, size perspective, iPad was really disappointing.

Haas added: "iPad can not replace my iPhone, which is also disappoint me. I have a iPhone, MacBook Pro and the Modbook, but the iPad the same can not replace Modbook or MacBook Pro." He believes that if iPad can replace existing products , rather than increase the burden for consumers, providing a new product, the effect will be better.

However, Haas also acknowledged that some consumers will find iPad well suited to replace the existing notebook computers. He had his own wife, for example, said: "She has a job with a computer, but still use the MacBook Air at home and send and receive mail, read the contents, browse the network."

Haas said that Apple iPad committed another error is the lack of communication. He said: "The most important drawback of the field of communication that I was also surprised." IPad though he never thought would become a mobile phone, but the lack of camera means that video chat can not be achieved. And is now uncertain iPad can support Skype and other VoIP services.

Haas said: "I think the iPad should not just be a media platform, but also should serve as a communication platform. Of course, prior to listing the product in March, Apple will also add some elements, it may give us a surprise." Previously have Sources said, according to Apple's iPad aluminum frame of view, the product has been reserved in the front camera position.

Haas believes that despite some flaws, but Apple's iPad is still a great product. He said: "This is Apple's first step to the area, allowing users to start thinking about how to consume media. This is a good idea. Use the Internet the same types of operating systems to serve as performance, more powerful notebooks, but the the hardware is not satisfactory. but Apple is using the right system with the correct hardware, the implementation of the right mission. "

However, Haas still stressed, iPad is not a Tablet PC, and will never be.