Wednesday, February 3, 2010

China Mobile do not intend to buy Tencent

Tencent Holdings for China Mobile's purchase of rumors, China Mobile spokesman yesterday clarified a listed company, either in whole or in part of the acquisition, China Mobile have not acquired the intention of Tencent Holdings.

Early last month, led by China Mobile Wang Jianzhou head Tencent executive to visit the headquarters, and then have speculated that China Mobile's trip was intended to discuss the acquisition. In this regard, a few days ago to participate in the Davos Economic Forum, Mr. Wang made it clear that, visit Tencent is just to get Internet companies, Internet companies to learn and nothing more. Mr. Wang pointed out that the Internet company's cooperation helps to promote mobile Internet development, China Mobile will choose a cooperative manner to strengthen its position in the area on the Internet, of course, does not rule out the opportunity at the right number of mergers and acquisitions carried out under.

However, yesterday, the Hong Kong media quoted Mr. Wang as saying once again, does not rule out the establishment of holding relationship with Tencent Holdings possible.

Last month, Tencent relevant responsible person said, China Mobile acquired the message is purely imaginary, Tencent market rumors. It is understood that Mr. Wang in addition to visiting Tencent end of last year, also visited several other companies.

Although China Mobile yesterday made clarification, Tencent rose 5.990 percent yesterday to close at 150.4 Hong Kong dollars; China Mobile was up 1.392 percent to close at 76.5 Hong Kong dollars.