Thursday, February 25, 2010

Google to respond to EU investigation: denial of human intervention results

In the European Commission announced an investigation after Google, Google for its search engine ranking method is explained.

In Thursday's blog posting, Google engineer Amit Singhal talked about the recent one called for the regulator to the search results sorted control of the commentaries. He stressed that the development of search method is very difficult to sort, implying that any government can very well search for control.

Singhal said the Google deal with every day hundreds of millions of search requests, of which 20% are new. In response to the volume, variety of search requests, Google use many different algorithms to filter the data.

He said: "Our algorithm uses hundreds of kinds of signals, for each selection of the best search results. These signals is 'relevance' of the indicators, it may be the words on the page, it may be a number of complex calculations, such as the link to a page of other authoritative sites. "

He also said that Google is usually a day for 1-2 times the signal and the algorithm changes to improve the search results, but the company does not artificially choose any search results. He wrote in a blog: "We believe that strongly depends on the personal preferences of the method can not provide high-quality search results, and our algorithms are able."

In order to show that Google is also room for improvement, or to demonstrate that Google does not favor its own Web site, he said: In Google type "search engine", Google itself does not appear in the front position.

Blog, and did not disclose the new information, but Google said that the European Commission to investigate Google's sorting method "raised many questions."

Wednesday, the European Commission confirmed its is investigating three complaints against Google, but this is only the beginning of anti-monopoly investigation. Google says Microsoft is the promoter of the survey, because the three companies, one is a Microsoft-owned company, the other is associated with Microsoft, another company is a British parity Services Web site Foundem. Foundem co-founder is Hingerty to the commentary's author. The article accused Google to use its dominant position to their own services on the front of search results, Google denies.