Monday, February 1, 2010

Is Apple iPad worthwhile to buy?

In fact, tablet PCs on the market in IT has been quite some years have passed. As early as 1989, a company called GRiD on the launch of the first with a touch-screen portable computers; in 1992, Microsoft has also launched special "WindowsforPen" software, you can hope to match the operation of a pen tablet computers Two years later, the software died. Similarly, in 1994, Apple also introduced a category called Newton's Tablet PC product, but also because the concept was too far ahead of the market fiasco. Since then, Bill Gates insisted on flat-panel computer software systems into research and development, and finally in the 2002 Consolidated seven PC makers to support the formal launch to the market for Windows systems handwritten pen-tablet computers, tablet PCs has become a stand-alone PC products market segment. However, the Tablet PC has never been really hot too, only in a small crowd in the possession of certain well-known groups.

One of the most important reason of course, technical limitations, due to the portability of Tablet PCs are higher, and therefore must be thin and light body, but in the past, chip manufacturing process relatively backward situation, to achieve ultra-slim body design of the high cost of , which leads to Tablet PC prices have been high. Just three years ago, the Tablet PC is also generally in the million or above average, the public attention, will naturally be low. Software, although Microsoft has specialized in the development of Tablet PC operating system, but the major breakthrough, or input methods, and failed to touch the screen to the market to achieve a full-featured touch. Therefore, the operation of tablet PCs in the past continue to be the keyboard, mouse, the main difference with the traditional products of a small notebook.

Of course, the most important constraining factor in the development of tablet PCs, or needs. Tablet PC in the past has been positioned in the high-end mobile office needs of business people, but the development of mobile Internet market is not mature and need anytime, anywhere Internet access, portable digital entertainment, the crowd small, less related applications, the market space is very limited.

The birth of Apple iPad can be said to chose a suitable time, touch-screen technology is mature, the demand for mobile Internet is on the rise, iPad able, like the Apple iPhone has brought the same to do a prime time?